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ServiceLift Specification
The information given below lists main features of our service lifts. As there are over 160 options available, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.
Structure:   Self supporting steel structure, made of cold rolled special profiles, fully galvanized, pre-assembled in 2 m sections including trunking.
Car:   Galvanized, guides on both sides with adjustable guide shoes. Units at serving height are provided with a removable shelf, car dims available in increments of 25 mm.
Landing doors:   Depending on type of lift bi-parting or single hinged doors accordance with Australian Standards are provided, with a galvanized finish and specially tested door locks. Bi-parting doors with safety door pulleys made of aluminium and 3 mm diameter ropes. All doors are provided with door surrounds, ready for installation. We can provide fire rated landing doors and stainless steel finishes upon request.
Counterweight:   Incorporates a steel frame and 50 x 50 steel inserts. Four adjustable guide shoes with polyamide inserts.

Machine room door:    Hinged galvanized door, incorporating a lock.

Drive units:   50 - 100 kg capacity with sheave for 2 ropes 200 - 300 kg capacity with 2 chains. Drive unit with hand wheel and disc brake, insulation type IP 54 3 ph 400 V 50 Hz.
· Micro-processor controller
· High safety standard
· 24 volts used on a control circuit
· pre-assembled plug-in-system
· Call and send buttons on every landing
· Adjustable despatch mechanism,
     (up to 5 seconds delay)
· Arrival buzzer
· Position indicator on every landing
· Motor protection switch - main switch on control panel
· Machine room light with switch and socket 
Note: Easy Living Home Elevators Pty Limited reserves the right to make changes to the above specifications and information at any time, without notice.

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