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In 1997 :
Stonted from small business hiring in elevator service from the employers ar normall

In 1998 : Legal established by Mr. Hussadin Kalajantoe manageng director under the Name of Planner Tech Engineerig Co.,Lte. located at 27/82 Srinakarin Rd. , Nongbon , Pravet , Bangkok. With the registored capital of 1,000,000 THB ( One Million Bath )

In 2001 : Increasing number of customer result in the enlargement of company there are raising of employees and employer including the expanding of job deseription lead to the new location war take place the new location located at 34/58 Moo.11 Chalermprakiat 28, Dokmai,Pravet , Bangkok 10260 Until now. The fo jective in to be consistent with the confine of job deseription

In 2006 : The company's name On 24 Feb'06 war anerded to be " Nippon elevator Co.,Ltd. " Until presense. The of jectivttg in service , maintain adjust Ment includirg with a new sale of the elevator there are prefessi and Tcehicians who are fully in erperinees to gether with the completed parts and accessories assitig to on sure that we can seviceyou the best are raising .

NIPPON ELEVATOR is one of the leading elevator manufacturers in Japan. We are still the challenger of Vertical Transportation Industry to continue our improvement ot technology in the future.

All our products satisfy Japanese Law and Regulation as well as customers' requests. NIPPON ELEVATOR is very happy to share our 100% Japanese Quality Products with our customers. We would like to provide you the best idea and information for your building from the poin of effective and total cost.

Wide range of capacity is standardised and prepared for customer's need,extebded ti 1600 Kg with a speed of 120 m/min or less. Standard Passenge type includes 2 Doors Center Opening type ( CO Type ) or 2 Dooors Side Opening Type ( 2S Type ) and Bed Type ( Hospital use ). If you can not find any specification in this catalogue, please feel free to contact with us.

( Non Standard Type, High Speed Elevator, Observation Type, Freight Type ) Then include any elevator with the different size of car dimension,High Speed Elevators more than 150 m/min, Observation Type, and Freight Type. Those types are very special and need to match with each location where customers will be. Professional engineers will consult your plan. Please, contact us for the design of project to find the best solutionof effective and sufficient vertical transportation.

Enjoy Our technology
Imagine that products have brain. All products of NIPPON ELEVATOR are equipped with VVVF ( Variable Voltage Variable
Frequency ) For smooth and effective elevator speed control,gentle door opening and closing, and reduced impact when the elevator stops at each floor. " Well Performance" and " Reliability " that we have, and we show you our advances.

Enjoy Our Options
We care something that some people do not care. NIPPON ELEVATOR prepare the variety of options for each project and customer. We have many useful functions to increase passengers' comfort and safety in your buildings.

Enjoy Our Fashions
Simple but very modern art in our recent works are outstanding. Please, select from the variety of colour, finishes, and selected materials for entrance jamb,door panels, car interior, and so on. We will help you to make up your stage of elevator
For providing high quality product and taking care of future environment on earth, some people know how to make vertical transportation.